NYC Department of Education

Synced Services

What we designed

Drawing upon insights from our fieldwork, we co-designed and tested tools with and for students’ families and frontline staff. We also worked with agency partners to develop implementation plans for using the new tools. Ultimately, we created two digital deliverables.

The Benefits Survey

This digital questionnaire allows DOE staff to determine a students’ family needs and begin connecting families to sister-agency services.

The Benefits Navigator

Families can use this responsive website guide to orient themselves to a landscape of useful multi-agency resources and benefits.



What Comes Next?

The project team identified three Phase 2 service- and policy-design projects to address further opportunities for system-wide service coordination.

Collaboration Squad

All sister agencies have been invited by the DOE to join an ongoing Synced Services capacity-building and governance effort.

Resource Hub

This proposed neighborhood-level partnership model will bring school, shelter, agency, and library staff together to coordinate services for homeless students on a local level.

Fair Fi

Leveraging the 250,000+ tablets DOE provided for remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic, Fair Fi will seek to end the digital divide for homeless students and provide family access to multiple agency services and providers at home.

Project Team

Natalia Radywyl headshot
Natalia Radywyl
Stephanie Yim
Petey Routzahn