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How can New York City best design digital services to serve all its residents?

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New Yorkers often engage with municipal services through their digital devices, but frequently encounter complicated interfaces or delivery systems. PPL and our partners were commissioned by the NYC Mayor’s Office to help the Office of Digital Strategy develop new user-centered City policies for digital service delivery.

Because City services need to serve the whole public—not just the digital elite, but also disadvantaged populations—we met with a broad range of residents, including those who have mental-health issues or physical disabilities, are socially isolated, have low literacy skills, or are very low income. Building on their preferences and needs, we co-created a series of principles and strategies for the City’s future digital efforts.


We combined the ideas and insights we collected from residents, leaders, and experts to create the NYC Digital Playbook, the City’s official public statement on the most important opportunities and approaches for New York’s digital future. In 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio launched the Playbook at a public event, reiterating the City’s commitment to deliver effective government services.

Now, as City agencies take on new projects, they are using the Digital Playbook’s principles and strategies to guide them as they create new digital tools. Additionally, the Office of Digital Strategy continues to practice human-centered policymaking through efforts such as a ‘Plain Language Squad’ that meets monthly to review public-facing communications.

Project Team

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Sarah Lidgus
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