NYC Administration for Children's Services

Children’s Services Change Management

How can the providers of children's services meaningfully contribute to regulatory changes?

Partners and Funders

The Project

Communities Based Strategies (CBS), a team within the Division of Prevention Services at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services, seeks to empower children, families, and community through innovation, community-driven design, implementation, and monitoring. In this project, CBS and PPL explored how the Division of Prevention Services could meaningfully engage with nonprofit service providers during agency regulatory changes.

The Outcome

Based on findings from human-centered research and co-design, PPL recommended that the Division of Prevention Services adopt a formal, consistent, and indexed change-management process during the 30 days after a new program or regulation is issued. PPL visualized this new process in a journey map, which you can see below.

This future-state journey map is a prototype. The department will be testing the new process, and we will update this page with outcomes as they become available.



This journey map draws on research with nonprofit service providers and DPS leadership to represent a future state of change management (click for detailed view). The map includes steps to implement the recommended new process, details about each of those steps, proposed new tools and materials for development, and aspirations from project participants about a future process. Note that participant quotations have been obscured to respect the confidentiality of providers.


How We Got There


PPL conducted workshops with DPS leadership and nonprofit service providers to understand each group’s current experience of regulatory changes. Subsequent to mapping the current experience, individuals were asked to define their aspirations for the future. This allowed the design team to propose a new change management process based on the needs and preferences of both city agency and nonprofit staff.


Project Team

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Camilla Buchanan
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Sophia Dalal
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