People Powered Health in the UK

Posted by Erin Routson

We’ve talked a lot about co-production and co-design lately, but how can it be implemented in the real world? Here’s a great example from the UK:  NESTA, working with Innovation Unit, has started a program called People Powered Health to support the design and delivery of innovative services for people that are living with long-term health conditions.

The video above describes the experience of the Lambeth Living Well Collective, one of the People Powered Health projects. A team of collaborators — service users, caregivers, and healthcare professionals — are working together to improve mental-health services in Lambeth, a neighborhood in south London. Using co-production methods has “changed the way I work in 360 degrees,” says one program manager.

Six different teams are currently looking to scale up their co-production of health services, with six different characteristics as their focus:

  • Recognising people as assets
  • Building on people’s capabilities
  • Promoting mutuality and reciprocity
  • Developing peer support networks
  • Breaking down barriers between professionals and users
  • Facilitating rather than delivering

By valuing the experience of people with long-term needs alongside the expertise of healthcare professionals, NESTA is hoping to bring about radical approach in change how services are delivered. Throughout the rest of 2012, NESTA plans on rolling out a series of products and toolkits based on these projects, so stay tuned for more information!