We’re About Services for People

Posted by Public Policy Lab

The Public Policy Lab is a non-profit organization committed to the more effective delivery of public services to the American people. We think that all Americans should have the opportunity to pursue a healthy life, a good education, rewarding work, and a secure retirement — and we believe that government can offer public services that help people to improve their own individual well-being and prosperity.

Too often, however, public services don’t feel very friendly, or even very useful. Here at the Policy Lab, we think the solution lies with people themselves: when services are thoughtfully designed to serve the needs of their users, to be engaging and easy to use, then they’re both more satisfying for citizens, and more effective and cost-efficient for the nation.

And that’s what this organization is all about: We engage in research and advocacy at the intersection of policy and user-centered design. Our programs explore design methods that maximize public engagement and ease, and we encourage their adoption as a form of policy best practice. Find out more about our principles, methods, and programs.